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From 6th April 2013, HMRC will introduce major changes to the way PAYE returns are filed. Essentially, before you pay your employees you must file your payroll information with HMRC. This new filing regime is called Real Time Information (RTI).

Acting as your agent, Bookwise can handle all forms of RTI submissions on your behalf. If you’d like more information about how we can help you with these submissions, please email info@ukwages.co.uk or call 01752 847 072 and ask for Simon.

RTI changes WILL affect your business

HMRC is introducing compulsory detailed employee information. Under RTI, the data must be accurate and it’s now mandatory to collect all new employee details before you pay them. If information supplied for your current employed staff is incomplete or incorrect it will cause the payment to fail.

RTI is the biggest shakeup to payroll since PAYE was introduced. Please don’t wait until April 2013 to prepare for it - you may not have enough time to implement all the required changes to pay your employees. Call 01752 847 072 today.

If you’re a Bookwise customer, you should already have received the new starter form that must be filled in by new employees with section 1, 2 and 4 fully completed by the employee. If not, you can download the new starter form here.


General RTI Questions

What is RTI?

RTI (Real Time Information) is a new filing regime being introduced by HMRC. It will allow HMRC to track employers’ payments, increase the accuracy of PAYE deductions (tax codes) and provide up-to-date information on employees’ earnings.

Will it affect payslips & P45s etc?

No. You will still receive payslips, P45s and all other reports as you do now.

Is there anything I need to do?

RTI requires certain information about all employees. Bookwise are starting to collect this information in advance. The information we need is:

  • NI numbers
  • Birth dates & gender
  • Full names, including middle names (abbreviations are no longer allowed)
  • Address (recommended but not compulsory)
  • Number of hours normally worked (less than 16, 16 to less than 30, 30 or more, other - if number of hours varies significantly)
  • Regularly paid – regularly paid employees are paid each week or month and will be in almost all pay runs. Those who take more than three months off at a time, such as seasonal workers, should be set as irregular.

If you’re a Bookwise client, you should have received information and paperwork from us to help you prepare. If you’re unsure whether you have what you need, please contact us ASAP.

RTI & Sick Leave, Maternity Leave & New Starters

What if I have a new starter?

You will need to fill out our employee starter details. All the information Bookwise require can be filled out on there except for information regarding PAYE. We will still need P45s & P46s.

What happens if someone is on long-term sick or maternity leave?

After three months of a regularly paid employee not being paid, HMRC will automatically delete that employee’s details from the database. To prevent this from happening, when an employee receives an SMP1 or SSP1 form, Bookwise will set them as an irregular employee. This will be changed when they return to work.

RTI & Interim Payments (Amendments)

I want to make an adjustment and pay next time. Has anything changed?

Yes. If you need to make an adjustment after the payroll has been run and we have sent off our RTI information, there’s a certain process that needs to be followed:

  1. Bookwise will make a note of the nett pay of the wrong payslip then undo that payslip
  2. We will then create a new payslip with the revised figures. On the after tax side, we make an adjustment so the new payslip’s nett figure matches the old one.
  3. Make the adjustment in the after-tax section of the new payslip when we next run the payroll. This can be shown as already paid if they wish to make the payment, or we can add it on.

I forgot to pay someone - what do I do?

This isn’t a problem as long as there hasn’t been an FPS submitted for this person. We will create a payslip and send off a single FPS.

(An FPS is a Full Payment Submission. Every payment made for every employee will require an FPS. So it is just what we call the information we send to HMRC about payments to employees.)

I need to make an adjustment and pay the employee outside of the pay cycle, is this possible?

Though possible, this is now far more difficult than it used to be. We cannot simply undo the payslip as we could if the adjustment was to be made next time. Are you sure your employee can’t wait for this payment?

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